About Us

The Cypress Springs Elementary School PTA board is made up of volunteer parents working to advocate for our CSE Hawks and support our CSE staff.

2019 – 2020 PTA Board

Executive Committee
President – Larisa Mill
Vice President – Kat Sutherland
Secretary – Jennifer McPherson
Treasurer – Sarabeth Geddes
Past President – Erin Turner

Committee Chairs
Membership – Ruby Moyer
School Spirit – Jennifer McPherson
Hospitality – Kat Sutherland
Ways & Means Committee – Brittany Nesmith
Health & Safety Committee – Jennifer McPherson
Communication Committee – Ruby Moyer
Family/Community Engagement Committee – Danielle McCoy
Reflections/Cultural Arts – Stefanie Preston
Legislative Chair – Kelly Crumbaker
Room Parent Coordinator – Chelsea Garrett

If you are interested in being on the PTA Board or part of a committee, please contact us at ptacypressspringselementary@gmail.com


School Spirit Committee

  • Paraphernalia (Hawks, T-shirts, magnets, etc)
    • Manage ordering of new stuff when needed
    • Keep inventory of items
    • Promote sale of items

Hospitality Committee

  • Entails decorating, setup, ordering food or requesting members to volunteer to bring food.
    • Teacher’s Welcome Back Breakfast
    • Boo Hoo Breakfast
    • Staff Appreciation Luncheon
    • Holiday Luncheon
  • Volunteer Appreciation and any others that fall under those categories.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week – update Teacher’s Favorite Things; distribute to Room Parents, send out flyers

Membership Committee

Mainly promoting membership through incentives. We like to have 100% school staff membership.

Volunteer Coordinator maintains the list of all paid members and reaches out to them when we need volunteers to assist with events. The Coordinator also keeps track of those who volunteered throughout the year, so we can recognize them at the Volunteer Appreciation breakfast.

Room Parent Coordinator assist teachers in finding a room parent. Maintains list of room parent volunteers and sends communication regarding events and volunteer opportunities.

Ways & Means Committee

  • Fall & Spring Fundraiser
    • Boosterthon (Fall 2015)
    • 5K
    • CityBooks
    • Mixed Bags
  • Holiday Shoppe
  • BoxTop Collection – develop ways/incentives for students to bring in box tops. Typically, an incentive each month such as the class with the most gets a Popsicle party. BoxTops are then turned in to the company, which in turn sends PTA a check.

Health & Safety Committee

  • Walk/Bike to School Day – promoting safety in the community. We ask for a representative from each subdivision to carry a sign during the walk. The purpose is to form a “walking” bus as each group from different subdivisions join along the walk. We included biking last year. We handout water and stickers to the kids as they reach the school.
  • Ribbon Week
  • Smile Mile

Communication Committee

  • Yearbooks
  • CSE website
  • Newsletter
  • School Bulletin board
  • Announcements
  • PTA Awards & Five Star School 

Family/Community Engagement Committee

  • Back to School Dance
  • Dads & Donuts
  • Mother/Son Bowling
  • Holiday Shoppe
  • Movie Night
  • STEM Night
  • Father Daughter Dance
  • Fall Fun Festival
  • Skate Night

Partner with local food places willing to host a Family Night. All of this would incorporate reaching out to the vendors to see if they are interested and how much of the proceeds they would be willing to donate to our PTA, scheduling a night that is approved by the board, creating flyers to send home to students and signs to promote the event.

McDonalds – Fall

Possible partners:

  • Universal Skating
  • Boardwalk Bowl
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • Gators
  • Chick-fil-a
  • Crispers
  • Smokey Bones
  • Semoran Skateway

Reflections/Cultural Arts

  • Multicultural/Heritage Night is a night for families of different heritages to share their culture with others either through food, artifacts, entertainment or other forms.
  • Talent Show

Legislative Chair

  • Keeps the board informed and updated on current local, state, and national issues that directly affect the health, safety, and education of our youth